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     This is the Southern Bible Belt, where people talk about God the way they talk about the weather, about His will and His blessings, about why He lets things happen.
                                                                                               -- Mary Ward Brown

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Susan Ketchin

     From the time she was a young girl growing up in Georgia, Susan has explored a keen interest in her southern heritage and the rich and complex culture in which she was raised.

     Now, as a talented and dedicated educator with over 25 years of teaching experience, she is a nationally recognized author, musician, lecturer, and performer.

     You are invited to join this fascinating exploration of contemporary Southern American culture -- its controversial and fevered history, its passionate “Bible-belt" religions, its rich and eclectic music, and its universally powerful literature.

     Why is the South so rich and contradictory? So endlessly fascinating and infuriating? Susan asks authors, past and present, these and other questions that she has found to be crucial to their lives as artists and to ours as readers. "It's because we lost the War," Walker Percy famously summed up. That may be, but there is far more cultural terrain to traverse. We invite you to explore with Susan the fascinating culture of the American South, to probe with us why and how this region has been so influential in shaping this nation’s culture—its music, religion, language, and literature.

     Here you can learn more about Susan Ketchin or invite her to speak or perform.

Recent News

      A Research Affiliate of the Center for the Study of the American South at UNC, Susan is currently working in UNC-Chapel Hill library's Southern Historical and Folklife collections at on a book about southern music, place, and the soul.

     A North Carolina Humanities Council "Road Scholar," Susan speaks throughout the state on topics ranging from "Pilgrim Souls: Wayfaring Strangers, Saintly Outlaws, and Souls on Fire" to "God in Southern Story and Song."

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